From polar to nuclear? “Nuclearification” of the Russian offshore oil and gas industry


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Russia is looking for new applications for nuclear power — Open hearing in the European Parliament, Brussels.

Russian oil and gas industry tries to promote nuclear power to meet its offshore energy needs. What plans do exist? What are the risks for these projects under the extreme weather conditions of the Arctic?

At this open hearing, the environmental foundation Bellona will present a new report on the “nuclearification” of the Russian offshore oil and gas industry to open a discussion about risks and responsibilities for the EU and its oil and gas companies – and how they should respond to these plans.

Hosted by:
MEP Rebecca Harms Greens-EFA, DE
MEP Sirpa Pietikäinen EPP-ED, FI
MEP Henrik Lax ALDE, FI

Vladislav Larin Nuclear specialist, RU
Nina Lesikhina Energy adviser, Bellona Murmansk, RU

Date and time: November 12th 2008 | 3pm – 5pm

Location: European Parliament | ASP 7 F 387