Negative emissions: Biomass CO2 capture and storage


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Solutions which capture and store biogenic CO2 opens up for the possibility to produce energy and products in processes which withdraws more CO2 from the atmosphere than they emit. What is needed to realize such carbon negative  solutions? Recent research on the topic will be presented and discussed in this workshop.


Tone Knudsen, Deputy Director, Bellona Europa


Frederic Hauge, President, Bellona Foundation: “The need for biomass and CCS”

Tim Dixon, Manager, IEAGHG / GCCSI: “IEAGHG work on biomass and CCS”

Joris Koorneef, Senior researcher, ECOFYS: “Global potential for biomass and CCS”

Bob Pegler, Vice President Europe, GCCSI: “Forthcoming activities by the  Global CCS Institute”