National Wildlife Federation (NWF): What can be achieved without an international climate agreement? Private sector mitigation efforts


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The private sector has a leading role in GHG mitigation efforts. One example is the cattle industry in Brazil, where the private sector and NGOs are working together. At the same time an increasing number of multinationals and
fnancial institutions want to reduce their GHG emissions and take steps to reduce their impacts on forests. We will provide the latest news and data on these private sector mitigation effortфs.


Charlotte Streck, Director, Climate Focus


Barbara Bramble, Senior Advisor, International Affairs, National Wildlife Federation

Mark Moroge, Associate, Climate Program, Rainforest Alliance

Roberto Smeraldi, Director, Amigos da Terra, Amazônia Brasileira

Virgilio Viana, General Director, Fundação Amazonas Sustentável (to be confrmed)

Dr. Marcus Vinícius Pratini de Moraes, Chairman of the Sustainability Committee, JBS (tbc)