CO2 capture and storage (CCS) on industrial processes


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There has been made a signifcant effort in assessing CCS for power  generation. Less attention has been paid to the potential for emission reductions CCS in industry represents, particularly in developing countries. CCS can be suited for large-scale industrial processes, such as refneries, biofuel production, iron making, cement making, ammonia production, and chemical pulp production. UN industrial development organization (UNIDO)s technology roadmap for CCS for industry identifes knowledge gaps in moving towards commercial implementation of industry CCS. This panel will discuss the importance, opportunities and challenges with industry CCS.


Bob Pegler, Vice President Europe, Global CCS Institute

Robert Niven, President, Carbon Sense Solutions

Paal Frisvold, Chairman, Bellona Europa

Joan MacNaughton, Senior Vice President, Alstom Power