Carbon Footprint

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Carbon Footprint – how a person makes an impact negatively with the environment

Pollutants – substance that causes pollution

Fast fashion – inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends


Watch the video and answer the questions:

1)     What are alternatives for driving a car?

2)     What temperature is best to reduce water waste for your carbon footprint?

3)     What are alternatives to fast fashion?

by Romualdo Baldonado


Hello! My name is Romualdo and I’m a current college graduate and I’m an intern for the Bellona Foundation. Today, I would like to talk to you about carbon footprint. So you are all probably wondering what is carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is how you make a change in the world not with your footprint but with other environmental means such as how you go from one place to another, how you use energy, and the type of clothes you wear.

How You Go From One Place to Another

In terms of carbon footprint, I would like to start with “how you go from one place to another”. Studies from Columbia University show that cars are one of the most common causes of carbon footprint. Therefore, it is important for you to know how you go from one place to another and how it affects your carbon footprint.

One suggestion I have to lessen the pollutants is to use a bicycle. When you use a bicycle, you don’t cause any smogs or pollutants that cars make. Therefore, it is the best option to go from one place to another.

Another way to reduce your carbon footprint to use public transportation. When you use more public transportation, you lessen your carbon footprint because you don’t contribute to the traffic caused by cars and not only that, but you are also cutting your carbon footprint in half. Therefore, public transportation is a really good idea in cutting your carbon footprint on how you go from one place to another.

Lastly, my suggestion would be if you really need to use a car is to share it. When sharing a car, you also reduce the traffic and you reduce your carbon footprint and also your friend’s. Therefore, it is also good option on how you go from one place to another

The Energy You Use

Another idea I would like to go over is how you use energy. Here in the United States, computers are used for everything especially now during the COVID season. It is used in gaming, work, and school. So it is important on how energy affects your life in terms of reducing your carbon footprint. 

The energy waste makes a negative impact on carbon footprint. Therefore, it is better to lessen energy waste in terms of carbon footprint. For example, if there is a room with lights open and there are no people in there, it would be better to turn the lights off. It would also be advisable to keep the television turned off when sleeping in a room.

One suggestion I have, in terms of computers is to use a laptop instead of a PC. When a PS is used, it uses a lot more energy because it has more components such as a CPU and the screen. When the laptop is used, it only has the screen and small components. Not only that but the batteries are also shorter for the laptop. With the PC, you use more energy. Therefore, it is better to use a laptop to reduce your carbon footprint.

Another example I have in terms of reducing your carbon footprint in terms of energy is how you use your water. It is better to use it not warm; it is best to use it cold. When you use it warm or hot, it uses a lot more energy which affects your household bills and affects the energy of the city. If you use cold water, there are less energy used. 

My last suggestion in terms of reducing your carbon footprint in terms of energy is to turn off electronics that are not being used. For example, when you see a room with lights on, it is best to turn it off. If you have a television in your room, it is best to turn it off when you are sleeping.

The Clothes You Buy

My final suggestion is the type of clothes you wear. The type of clothes you wear affects your carbon footprint on many ways in terms of a fashion brand called fast fashion. They are called fast fashion because they manufacture clothes in bad ways. For example, they use a lot of chemicals and cheap labor in countries that are poorer such as the Philippines or Bangladesh. It is best to make sure that we don’t use chemicals that are used in these countries goes up in the air and the rivers making pollution go higher. Therefore, there are other alternatives you could use for better clothes such as buying secondhand clothes or you could make sure that you are doing your research in terms of the clothes you buy.


There are many ways to reduce carbon footprint. An individual must lessen driving cars to decrease their carbon footprint when they go from one place to another. People must also watch the temperature and energy use in order to reduce their carbon footprint. Fast fashion must be avoided in order to decrease carbon footprint. There you should get out there and reduce your carbon footprint now.